Village Sewer Study

The Village has received a quote from our civil engineering resources, to perform an engineering study for the installation and maintenance of a sanitary sewage system. 


Residential and commercial properties in the immediate downtown Leonard area, face challenges such as: high water table, small lot size, aging septic systems, new Health Department regulations, just to name a few.  These challenges often now are requiring a engineered septic systems that are very costly to install and maintain.  

In the summer of 2018 discussions started about the public interest in a public sewer system.  The Village contacted ROWE Professional Services Company and a quote was received in September of 2018.  The cost of the engineering study includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Capacity Sizing for the system: calculation of the expected usage per property​​

  • Recommendation on System Type: 

  • Draft Reports Compliant to USDA Rural Development Act Standards- for possible supplementary funding of the system.

Use This LINK for a  copy of the Quotation and full explanation of services provided.

2009/2010 Data Referenced in the Engineering proposal.


The engineering study has a proposed cost of $25,000; due to the cost of the proposal, the Village conducted a survey via a mailed flier.  The results of the survey were split.  Below are the survey results:

         A mailed survey to Village Residents concluded in February of 2019.

The discussion for the Municipal Sewer was tabled until March of 2020; factors that lead to the discussion being tabled were failing municipal equipment and lack there of to maintain current public service standards.   

A municipal sewer system would provide alternatives to residents that face economic challenges of an engineered septic system and would also promote commercial growth in the downtown village district.

Commercial and industrial expansion will be prohibitive without a sewer system. 

Current Status:

Discussions have been reopened for the Village sewer system and currently there is not Village funding available to proceed with the engineering study. Federal Grant programs are currently not available due to the median income of the village exceeding the grant limits for application.  A temporary committee was formed to communicate with Village businesses and possibly donors.  Discussion about the sewer will be communicated in the September Regular Meeting for the Village.

Village Sidewalk Repair

In the summer of 2019 the village has taken steps to begin the upgrade process for the sidewalks.  While the majority of the sidewalks meet an acceptable standard, there have been sections that do not meet this criteria.  These sections have been identified and classified to prioritize the repair work to be done.  The repair process will be on-going as the amount of repair needed and the budget for the work are not equally proportioned.  In the summer/fall of 2019 $5,000 was applied to fixing the most critical of areas; and was completed in the fall. The Village is looking to repair another sizable section of sidewalks in the summer/fall of 2020.